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Add Versatility To Your Photography With Collapsible Backdrops

Although collapsible backdrops are known for a long time, they have only recently been given the attention they deserve. These handy tools are used by photographers when they require better environmental controls or because they can be used in so many different situations. 

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How to Set Up Your Collapsible Backdrop - Savage Universal

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These backgrounds can be used in a variety of situations and are available in Solid or Chromakey finishes. The portable tripods can be set up quickly and then stored in the bag that comes with them. Velcro straps allow you to attach a stand or prop securely.

What are photographers saying about the reversible background?

The backdrops can be collapsed to a third of their original size. This makes them lightweight and portable for transport to different locations or from one location to the next in the studio. It is convenient to have multiple backgrounds, both vertical and horizontal. 

Reversible backdrops are a cost-saving option that allows you to have two backgrounds for your photography.

Protect your investment by taking care of your collapsible backgrounds:

Your collapsible backgrounds will benefit from routine maintenance. Spot cleaning Muslin fabric with a damp, clean cloth. If necessary, you can use mild Woolite or another delicate fabric cleaner. Use no harsh chemicals on Muslin. 

Use light steam to iron out wrinkles on the reversible background. These versatile backgrounds are great for photographers. 

Backgrounds are great for photography:

Collapsible backgrounds can be found in corporate settings, such as for badge photos and at the passport office. They also make it possible to create high-quality YouTube videos. A Chromakey reverse background is a great option if you love green screen technology.