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Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

With increasing media coverage about solar panels, it is hard to know whether they can provide a good return on investment and whether they are a worthwhile purchase for your home. Solar photovoltaic panels were recently featured in an expert UK guide, which detailed the different ways to get solar panels for your home. 

Buying a solar panel system can be expensive, with an average array costing in the region of 11,000. It is therefore important to understand that they can provide a substantial return and for this reason should be seen as an investment.

Solar panels, once installed, will provide you with free electricity which you can use in your home to power your appliances. By using this electricity you will lower your energy bills by buying less from your supplier. 

You will also protect yourself against future energy price rises. As the price of electricity continues to rise, your savings will be greater. By using the renewable electricity produced by your photovoltaic panels, you are also making an investment in the future as you are reducing your carbon emissions. 

The solar array will usually generate more electricity than you can use and will therefore export the surplus into the National Grid for others to benefit from. You will be paid extra for the electricity that you export.