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Choose The Best Agility Cones

Almost every sport requires quick decisions from its athletes. Whether it's short strokes like football and basketball, or long-term games like soccer or hockey, improving your agility can take your game to the next level.

Athletes with advanced agility often have an edge over the competition. Agility cones can help you achieve this edge and are a great addition to your training kit. Skill cones come in many shapes. Although training cones cost also vary as per quality.


1) Many colors open different exercises and training possibilities.

2) Made of durable vinyl, withstands extreme cold and heat.

3) Works well on dirt, grass, and/or asphalt.

4) Dishwasher safe, which can make cleaning easier.

Agility cones differ, for the most part, in a number of ways. Those few ways, however, are reason enough to influence choosing one option over another.


Skill cones can vary in height from 2 inches to 10 inches and higher. Depending on what you're training for, the right height cone can help or hinder you in training. Knowing the specific exercises you plan ahead of time can help when shopping.


Most agility cones are comparable to grass, dirt, or turf but some are more stable on tougher terrain such as asphalt or hardwood.

Material, Weight, and Thickness

Cones are most often made of vinyl or plastic, and the thickness can indicate how durable they are. Fragile cones may break in cold weather or bend more easily in the heat. Heavier cones made of thicker plastic are usually bendable and withstand stronger winds.