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Choosing the Right Candle Making Mold for Your Candle

Like wax, candles, colors, and fragrances, there are many different types of candle-making molds that you can buy out there. They are made in many different shapes and sizes, and what you buy depends on your preference and how much money you have to spend on it. A mold is just what you pour hot wax into to make a shape. It will cool down and then you remove the mold.

As you can see there will be a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from, there will also be a variety of materials depending on what kind of candle-making mold. These will range from metals, aluminum, and plastics to polyurethane, rubber, or latex. No matter which one you choose just make sure you remember that the bottom of the mold is the top of the candle. If you go with a metal mold you will find that it is a bit more durable and longer-lasting. You can browse to Art Glass Supplies to buy Casting Molds.

Aluminum molds are next. These types of molds are also commonly used by candle makers as they are a bit more affordable than some and will provide a great way to hold your candle. It's important to take care of any mold you buy. You do not want to scratch the mold inside the candle as this will cause your candle to look different as the wax cools.

Metal candle-making molds offer little variety while some are less expensive. For example, plastic molds will give you a plethora of designs to choose from to make some more unique candles. The biggest downside of plastic, as opposed to metal, is that plastic is less durable so you'll usually get more scratches inside the mold than you would with metal.

Now if you are looking for a more specific detail for your candle, you may want to choose a rubber or latex mold. The reason why you would do this in terms of expansion is that most rubber or latex molds are very flexible, so you can move them in different directions creating odd shapes.