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Common Forms Of Non-Immigration Law

Non-immigration law is a branch of law that focuses on matters not directly related to immigration. This includes things like employment law, business law, family law, and more.

Non-Immigration Lawyers: What Do They Do When Border Security Is Stalled?

If you have been stuck in legal limbo with your immigration status and are feeling frustrated, you are not alone. To get more details about non-immigration lawyers you may see it here.

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Many non-immigrant visa holders (such as tourists, students, and workers) find themselves in the same boat when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stop issuing visas or denies applications for visas.

The good news is that there are lawyers who specialize in helping these people get their status resolved and move on with their lives. Here is a closer look at what they do:

1. Gather evidence: A lawyer will work to gather evidence to support your case. This could include documents such as visas, passports, affidavits from friends or family members living in the U.S., or photographs that show proof of your identity and residence in the country.

2. Negotiate with CBP: If negotiations between the lawyer and CBP are unsuccessful, the lawyer may file a lawsuit on your behalf.

3. Provide support during the proceedings: A lawyer will provide support during the proceedings, including helping to prepare documents, attend hearings, and helps you in every situation.