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Does Over Time Cloning Ruin Cannabis Strains?

If you are a cannabis fan or familiar with the basic principles of botany, you know that the cannabis plant comes from two sources: seeds and clones. An ongoing debate among cannabis farmers is the benefits of growing more seeds than cloning.

The seed comes from and contains the genes of both parents, which make the seed – and the plant in which the seed grows – genetically unique. To get marijuana clones you can also contact licensed clones grow facility in California.

A canal branch is an incision made by a healthy woman – the mother plant – that is either planted from seed or is a branch itself. Cuttings can be removed ad infinitum from clones or twigs from twigs. To buy marijuana stalks you can visit this website.

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After cutting off the growing branch, it is completely immersed in a hormonal environment, and then it is pulled. This form of propagation allows identical cannabis plants to be grown freely and for free for future generations. Or can you

Cannabis cloning is without a doubt a straightforward way of making marijuana identical. Additionally, it is currently the most dominant method for growing cannabis. In a commercial context where consumers demand consistency, this is a gift.

However, there is a rumor among seasonal growers that the branches lose efficiency over time. Some believe this is a phenomenon of clone degradation: the idea that cannabis branches move away from the parent plant's genes in later generations resulting in weaker plants that produce less and become more susceptible to pests and fungi.