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Effective Tips To Stop Thumb Sucking

Here are some tips to stop thumb sucking in children:

Talk to Them: Use baby talk to explain that thumb sucking is not good for them. While it may seem like a pointless exercise, research shows babies can learn words better than previously thought. You can also look for the best thumb sucking prevention via

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YouTube Videos: Technology has encouraged parents to access information efficiently. You can try the same for your baby by showing a video about the risks of thumb sucking. 

In anticipation, you can project videos that you think are appropriate and create playlists from those videos.

Praise: A study of infants showed that they are very familiar with the concept of praise. Be certain to make your kid feel great about not sucking their thumb.  However, bypass any sort of negative judgment as it can make them worry.

Alternatives: Due to some of the risks connected with thumb sucking, you can try alternatives such as blankets or fluffy bears.

Pacifier: You can use a pacifier to wean your baby from thumb sucking. Choose a specific time of day when a pacifier can be used and gradually reduce the time until it is no longer needed.

Bitter Remedy: Apply a small bitter ointment (which is safe to eat) on your child's thumb to break the habit. Avoid making it a punishment by showing consistent affection.