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Hand Woven Rugs From Around the World

A hand-woven rug at home is sure to add style and comfort to a room, and it looks beautiful and is a valuable item.

Persian hand-woven rug

Persia is synonymous with beautiful and luxurious carpets and it is an honor to own a Persian rug. The modern design features a solid color field with triangular centers and corners with graceful edges. You can also look for the best gray woven rug via

gray woven rug

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Caucasian hand-woven rug

Caucasian rugs come in different types and have different names. Some of them are Akstafa, Baku Chila, Dagestan, Georgia, Karabakh, Cuba, Sevan, Shirvan, and Talish. Everything is made of Turkish knots in natural colors.

Mostly made of wool, there was also fur. These rugs come in all forms and sizes and a variety of designs with different types of colors like gray, blue, etc.

Oriental hand woven rug

They have retained their ancient design and may have a distinctive medallion in the center. There is a brick-red lining around the border which is an indicator of the traditional design backing it up.

Medium to low-density asymmetrical knots with an elongated carpet shape is usually seen on Caucasian rugs. Cotton is a plinth with silk, wool, and metal scattered around it to create an excellent pattern.