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How Did the Comic Book Get Its Start?

Although the origins of comic books are controversial, the jury is still out. Let's go back to the comic-like broadsheets from the Middle Ages. Anonymous woodcutters created parchment products. These products are in mass circulation. Broadsheets were soon possible and quickly developed a market, especially in public.

Executions, a popular event for centuries that drew thousands of spectators. Many of these spectators would be willing to invest in an artist’s rendering of a hanging. The broadsheet seller is blessed with a lucky day because it was able to burn. You can also buy ‘best comic books’ (also known as ‘beste stripboeken’ in Dutch language) via

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As humor was added, the broadsheet became more sophisticated content. The broadsheet evolved into higher-level content as humor was added. All types of broadsheets were created, and eventually, they were bound in collections. The modern magazine prototype. 

Magazines designed like the Punch magazine, an Elegant British creation, became the main focus of documentary news accounts and Events, fiction, and humor. Punch is the refined evolution of a comic. Style, especially in relation to the evolution of comics and comics in Great Britain. Yet, all things considered,

Historical perspective, the comic strip was waiting in the alley to be created. The comic strip was born. Some believe that "Half Alley", a comic book created by Ally Sloper in Great Britain, was the first comic. This was a black and white tabloid with panels of cartoons, mixed with a little bit of news; circa 1884. While all of this was happening in Great Britain this was slowly moving towards the comic book.