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How to Speak With Impact: The Life Force of Your Speech

What are the three parts of a presentation?

The open, body, and conclusion are the three parts of a speech. The question asked about three parts of a presentation. What's the difference?

The answer to that question is the subject of the next three articles. According to World Champion speaker Lance Miller, the three parts of a presentation are the life force, material, and mechanics.

His reasons make sense because a presentation is much more than a written text. By maximizing the impact of life force, material and mechanics, you enhance your chances of connecting with and leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

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Can you hear the calm, yet passionate tone of this version of the opening? Based on his personality and knowledge of the subject, the opening conveys energy that the audience feels and compels them to want to hear more.

One key to ensuring that your presentations have a life force is to only talk about subjects you care about.

Understanding that you may occasionally get 'cornered' into presenting an idea you're not totally thrilled about, you can still speak with energy. When this occurs, find some aspect of the subject you care about and focus on that.

If you can avoid it, don't accept a speaking engagement on a subject you feel ambivalent about, just because you need the practice, or worse, because it pays well.

My professional speaking colleagues who have done this regretted taking the job every time, no matter how large the check.