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Le Lavaux: The Best Wine Region

Despite being mostly mountainous, Switzerland has many hilly areas that are perfect for planting grapevines. The area to the southwest, especially around Lake Geneva, is the ideal climate for grapes. Le Lavaux covers approximately 800 hectares, which is the country's largest contiguous vineyard region. UNESCO has protected its terraces since 2007. These vineyards produce wine that is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

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Chasselas is a grape grown in Lavaux. It produces a crisp white wine that's easy to drink and perfect for hot summer days. The wine is made in very small quantities each year, as there are no machines or chemicals used. 

The wine is not distributed outside of the region because it is so small. Tania Gfeller is the oenologist for Lausanne's five wine-growing vineyards. She hopes that biodynamic wine production will become a common practice in the future.

You will need to travel to Lavaux to taste the wine. This region is well worth the effort, both for the wine and the natural beauty. The vineyards overlook Lake Geneva and are home to some of the most picturesque in the world. You can explore the area by small train but it's best to walk. 

The Swiss Wine Route runs from St-Saphorin up to Lutry and is an absolute must-do for anyone who loves wine and nature. It is a short walk that offers panoramic views and stops at small wineries and wine bars. These are great places to have a couple of chilled Chasselas. Lavaux is located between Lausanne, Montreux Riviera and it's a beautiful place to take a walk.