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Live Chat Support – A TQM Tool Effective For Customer Support

E-commerce companies are unique in that they don't require attendants like brick and mortar stores. Online shoppers are no different from customers at a supermarket. A can of glass cleaner is all a supermarket customer needs. 

People end up wandering through many aisles and shelves looking for someone to help him. You can chat live online to have a virtual attendant available whenever you need him. You can find more information about live chat support via

You can add live chat to your website and beat your competition

It is possible that your competitors do not have live help. You can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by doing this. This is changing fast. Forrester's research shows that the percentage of e-businesses using live chat support has increased from 19% to 30 percent. 

Total Quality Management of Customer Support via Live Chat

Entrepreneurs should strive to improve every aspect of their business. To do this, they need to be able to analyze and report on their performance. You need to be able to analyze customer interactions and the performance of your employees to improve customer service. 

Live website chat support has a clear advantage over telephonic support conversations in this regard. This is because live help software allows you to keep detailed, annotated written records from live help sessions. It is possible to identify and resolve recurring issues, as well as determine the services that your customers require.