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Navigating Through Large and Complex Formulas in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

When Microsoft Excel is used to build large and complex spreadsheets that contain multiple worksheets, can be very difficult for anyone to navigate, let alone track or trace all numbers with the help of spreadsheet with all the values and formulas contained therein.  To extend your learning on Microsoft Excel consultant, check out these on

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This is due in large spreadsheets such as financial models, there can often be hundreds or even thousands of different formulas down and in every page includes calculations that can contain several links to other sheets in the workbook.

 Difficulties experienced by navigating through large and complex spreadsheet formulas exist even when you are the one who designs and builds a spreadsheet.

There are many numbers of spreadsheet applications, one being Ms. Excel. Almost every business in the world using Microsoft Excel. This means that Microsoft Excel will be used for future years, if not decades, as long as Microsoft continues to brand forward into the app, stay ahead of the competition.

Excel probably the most popular and widely used add-ins for this purpose is the 'Formula Navigator'. Add-ins created by the company Sheets Men '. They have developed add-ins that are unique to use floating window and hyperlink system re-sizable to help an Excel user to understand the formulas and efficient jump to all precedent and cell-dependent and ranges from no matter whether they are in a different worksheet or different workbook open.