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Product Development for Home Based Businesses

Product development can be a challenge in a home business environment. Where do you go to the lab to create and test new product lines? Where are you headed for the new packaging and marketing? Where do you go for help?

Here's what you can do for your own product development.

First, find a need. They want sales, so find something people want. How communication is key. Ask your friends, your contacts, your business partners, your customers. See what they can use to make their life easier.

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Check them out, interview them, email them, call them. Ask questions in forums and chat rooms. Be like Lieutenant Colombo on TV (or the original Pink Panther) and enjoy the search, but don't give up until you get an answer.

Second, set it up NOW if you haven't already. Take good notes as you walk. Keep your computer organized, well tagged, and print folders and files in a convenient location. Use a calendar organizer if necessary. Third, create a product based on the needs above.

You don't have to be Einstein or invent the wheel. Search and find others in the industry to see how others have developed their products before yours. Then copy their method – not "exactly" but "follow their steps in the same way". THAT IS.

Read journals, search the Internet, browse archived magazine articles, ask your local librarian to help you – and learn how to build on what others have done to build on your ideas. Then meet, exchange ideas, share resources, share marketing funds, and revenue, and so on. with experience. Access and don't be afraid to seek and share help. No need to do it yourself or be greedy.

Third, seek legal or other relevant assistance along the way, if necessary. Start running a small business and find out if you need special permits, licenses, fees, contracts, legal structures, and more. If possible, compare the memory and set it accordingly.