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Sell My Car for Cash – Main Reasons Junker Cars Don’t Sell

Check out some reasons why you fail sometimes to sell at  the junkyard, the buyer might have some of these reasons:

1.  Industrial Grade Vehicle

It's not a good idea to sell an industrial vehicle, such as a dump truck and an earthmover, to a junkyard that has a lot of consumer vehicles. You can use this resource to check the right car deal for you. If the vehicle is in good condition and has some usable parts, it will likely be worth a lot of money. 

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2. Severe Weather Damage

The significantly deteriorated from weather exposure, some junk cars are sold to a junkyard. These are automobiles that have become so rusty that their frames almost no longer exist. 

3. Rarely Found on Roadways

This is not a Lamborghini. It's a Yugo model from the early 1980s that has survived for decades. A junkyard would most likely buy the car for its scrap metal value, which could then be sold to a vehicle recycling company.

4. Multiples already in stock

Sometimes, a junkyard will refuse to sell a vehicle because they already have enough copies of the vehicle in stock. This is actually a good thing. It means that you can offer your vehicle to another junkyard, one that doesn’t have multiples of the car in its salvage lot, and get a better price. You might try a few other junkyards to see if you luck.