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Solar Pool Covers – Helping You Decide On The Right One

The main task of the roof of a solar pool is to harness solar energy to heat the water and prevent the water from evaporating when the pool is not in use. Choosing a suitable solar pool cover will depend on several factors, including the cost and size of the pool. Once you understand the various factors for your pool protection, you can decide which option is best for your pool.

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Consider the following:

Measure your pool accurately to know exactly what size coverage to buy. If you get too small a coverage, it will be less effective. Buying too much cover is a bit of a problem, but it's a hassle nonetheless. You have to cut the lid to fit your pool. While this isn't an impossible task, sending you back to the store may be enough to get the size just right! So size matters, remember that!

Make sure your pool cover is light. The blues and darker colors may look more attractive in the pool, but clear covers are by far the best. The clear lid allows sunlight to enter the water. Black is the worst choice. Even though the black cover heats up quickly, the pool cover itself heats up and sunlight doesn't enter the water as efficiently as the clear cover allows.

Choose the right mechanism that fits your budget and personal needs. The manual lid of the pool is simply removed and turned on. Automatic pool cover uses a small roller motor to pull the cover out repeatedly. Semi-automatic shutoff uses a small motor, but since the cover is attached, 1 or 2 people have to operate it.