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Some Ways To Reduce Excessive Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very common problem. There are many reasons for excessive hair fall such as using chemical-based hair care products, eating unhealthy food, smoking, pollution, medical condition, etc. To treat their excessive hair loss problem, people take the help of medicines, hair growth treatments, and surgeries. If you want to get the best hair growth solution, you may visit AILEENN BEAUTY studio in San Jose. 


A healthy diet, and hair growth treatments are some very best way to control hair fall. However, if you're super worried about your baldness( excessive hair loss), then here are a number of simple remedies you ought to put in your regular routine.

  • Let us begin with a remedy that works wonders for me. Heat about 100 ml of coconut oil and put in 2-3 lots of curry leaves (yes, stalks also!). After the oil starts to burn, switch off the heat, let it cool, keep in a glass jar, and then use twice per week.
  • By using fenugreek seeds on hair helps to reduce hair fall, dandruff and maintain moisture in hairs. Fenugreek seeds not only add flavor to your dishes but in addition, it nourishes your scalp. You may hear about its advantages and when your issue is baldness, then you definitely try this with essential oil.
  • Another remedy is onion juice. Onion juice is a great conditioner and normal use will help control baldness. Cut and peel off half an onion (for hair which falls under the shoulder) and combine it into a paste. Add some water if necessary. Keep the shower cap on the head for around 15 minutes and wash using a spoonful shampoo.