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Reasons Why To Use 3D Modeling In Product Design In Malaysia

3D models can be a great multifunctional tool helping manufacturers and designers first design, then create and finally market and sell their products. Product presentations in 3D are the best alternative for spectacular presentations of new product designs or new product ideas in front of other company members or potential customers.

It allows quick change if you have a new idea and small or even major changes are needed.

In addition, the best 3d modelling service expands the possibilities of product marketing campaigns because 3D models can be animated to show all the capabilities and characteristics of a product or even used in interactive applications that allow potential customers to familiarize themselves with the product model interacting, rotating, or even disassembling and reassembling. 

In addition, almost any production process can be automated with information stored in 3D models.

1. Prototyping

Often, 3D models are used to create product prototypes, design concepts, details, production costs, etc. The product prototyping approach is very flexible: 3D models can be created by hand drawing, 2D sketching, or even with ideas allowing 3D designers to easily work on the product design and refine the model without creating additional sketches that show the product from a different perspective.

2. Precise measurement

Modern 3D modeling software allows the demonstration of product size in relation to other known objects. This real-world product scale allows potential customers to imagine how big or small the product will be when it's finished.

3. Interesting animation

High-quality animation of a product can be the bomb and guarantee the success of a marketing campaign. It can show exactly what the product can do and what the customer will get when the product is ready for use.