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How to Budget For Your New Timber Frame Home?

Many things affect the budget, including the operation of the site, the design of your new home, the type of wood you choose for the wooden frame, the choice of windows, and the material you choose to complete your home.

The design of your new home can also affect your budget. If the wooden frame and truss builder will make a complex structure, the more expensive it becomes. Additional windows, dormer windows, gables, and corners when designing your new home have an impact on total costs. 

For example, a colonial-style house without a dormer window is cheaper than a traditional two-story house with many dormer and extension windows. 

One thing to consider when making your new home budget is to decide whether you want the basement completed or not. Using a ready-made basement as a living room can lower your costs per square foot.

The typical wooden frame package includes the outer shell (wooden frame, windows, structural insulation panels, doors, roofs, walls, and cladding) and only part of the house, outer shell.

If your budget is small, consider a hybrid system that combines wood frames with traditional trunk frames for other areas of the house. Your contractor can also recommend equipment, floors, and finishing materials to help you stay within budget.