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Is Breakfast Really The Best Meal of The Day?

Experts have repeated it so many times that you don't know which one to believe. Breakfasts in America are worthy of a king's breakfast. You can choose from huge bagels, waffles, and hash browns to various eggs that will leave you wondering if they speak the same language. Here it's a fried egg. 

Over there, it's over easy, sunny side up, and over-medium hard. There are pancakes with maple syrup, egg white omelets, and delicious bacon. If you also want to have such tasty food at your table then you can also order your meal from a deli shop near you.

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On a French breakfast menu, you won't find bacon or eggs. Croissants can be eaten as a breakfast or afternoon snack, but French children prefer pain au chocolat. You can either eat them with jam or dip them in a cup of coffee. They are not recommended to be served with butter.

A typical German breakfast is somewhere in the middle of a continental and deli platter. You will find a variety of continental meats and cheeses on your plates, as well as a multitude of bread with sweet toppings such as honey, jam, marmalade, and honey. Germans are known for their bread. 

Most Germans say that the topping highlights the bread's flavors. If the topping is sausage, they will change their tune. We were delighted to find a wide variety of salamis, mortadellas, and ciabattas while on holiday in Italy. 

Cornetti, which is a crescent-shaped pastry made in Italy, is a version of a croissant. It goes well with a cappuccino. This is usually eaten in a bar, chatting with friends. Italians are generally not known for their breakfast.