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Types of Industrial Chemicals and Their Uses

Industrial chemicals are chemicals that are used in different industries. These chemicals can be found in fuels and dyes as well as explosives, lubricants, insulators, and anti-freezes. 

Industrial Chemicals come in many forms, including detergents and polishes as well as cleaning agents, varnishes and adhesives, solvents, and others. There are so many industrial chemical suppliers in Australia.

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 Different Types of Industrial Chemicals

Oxygen:  Oxygen is a very useful and important chemical, which is used to oxidize reaction mixtures in which oxygen is necessary.

Phosphoric Acid: Another useful chemical used in food products such as soft drinks.

Nitrogen: It is used in industries to regulate reaction temperatures and prevent the formation of oxygen with vapour so that explosions are prevented. 

Sulphuric Acid: It is used primarily to remove dangerous substances and counteract the effects of alkaline substances

Chlorine: It is used primarily for the manufacture of bleaching agents. It is an important component in titanium dioxide.

Ethylene: Ethylene is another important chemical used for a variety of purposes.

Sodium: Sodium silicate is used as insulations in industrial applications.

Aluminum Sulphate: It is used in the paper industry as a PH buffer. It can also be used to treat wastewater in industries.

Sodium Carbonate: Sodium Carbonate is one of the most essential industrial chemicals. Also known as soda ash. It is used in glass manufacturing and as the main ingredient in many cleaning agents.

Ammonium Nitrate: It is one of the most widely used fertilizers in solid forms.

Methanol: It is made from hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This chemical can be used to make acetic acid, formaldehyde, and methyl tributyl ether.