How To Set Up And Register A Company?

The process of registration requires specific information. In order to register a business, you can either choose to file on paper or submit it electronically. The primary difference between the paper method and electronically registering is that there's no need to make a statutory declaration. This makes registration faster considerably. 

You can search online like “statutory declaration near me” or “lawyers for statutory declaration ” in the search engine. The majority of formation agents fill out their forms electronically. Although they might have different procedures due to the use of the software they employ They have direct links with Companies House.

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Company Officers, Every limited company that is registered must have company officers who are confirmed at all times. The company should be governed by at minimum one director. The Articles of Association of the business may need at least one director. Some of the requirements for officers of the company are:

  • Directorships can be held by an employee of another organization, but there must be at minimum one director who has to be an individual

  • Directors must be 16 years old

  • Individuals who've been disqualified from running a business are limited

  • Persons who were declared bankrupt previously are not able to continue their business.

The limited company is governed by shareholders whose liability is limited to the amount of capital initially invested. This type of limited liability safeguards shareholders' personal wealth in the event that the company goes into bankruptcy. Any funds put into the account of the shareholder is forfeit. If there aren't shareholders or share capital or share capital, the director of the business must sign an indemnity guarantee of a certain amount in the event of insolvency.