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Conversion Rate Optimization: Tips For Satisfied Customers

There is much more to CRO than making sure your basket and checkout process is smooth and intuitive. Below are a few tips to make sure your customers take the action you want.

Attractive copy

In terms of the actual copy on the page, there are a number of tips you should follow for writing on the web. The first trick is to get users to actually read what you are offering. Don't worry about making sure your headline sells the products or services, make sure it gets users to read the text in the first place. The first sentence of a page or piece of text is often made bold for this purpose too.

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Icons should be used to gather the user's attention. This can be combined with using contrasting backgrounds to make images or sections of text stand out.

Social proof

Social proof is one of the most widely discussed areas when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Have you ever read a product review of Amazon before purchasing a product? Or read a review on trip advisor before deciding if that's the right hotel for you?

Reviews provide users with reassurance in uncertain situations and reinforce the idea that we all need the opinions of others when we are unsure. Testimonials and online case studies which users can access are other forms of social proof that work wonders on websites.

404 pages

Creating a custom 404 error page helps users remain on site when something goes wrong. It helps them find the page they were looking for by providing a link back to the site. Creating funny or interesting 404 pages also add an element of surprise for online users.