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Different Styles Of Custom Corset

A custom corset can be made from different fabrics to suit a specific occasion. These fabrics give off a feminine and graceful appearance. You can choose the fabric you want and have it made to your specifications.

Here are some different styles of custom corsets available:

Corsets were first created in the eighteenth century. They have changed in style and shape over time. You can also find an amazing variety of full-body corsets through

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These are the most well-known custom corset designs since their inception:

* Redresseur: This style was very popular in the early eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and was made especially for children aged 12-16 years. It was designed to shape the upper body. This piece of clothing was used to shape the upper body during adolescence.

* Bondage: Bondage is a corset that covers the entire body and extends just below the knees. This corset is usually fairy stiff and restricts the wearer's movement. It is also often intended to be worn for a prolonged period of time. Bondage, like the redresseur, is meant to shape the body.

* Hourglass Corsets: These corsets will give you the look of an hourglass in the nineteenth century. They enhance the body's curves and reduce the waist by up to 3-4 inches.

* Waist cincher : This belt is designed to be worn around your waist to give the illusion of slimmer skin.

* Overbust: This type of corset begins at the bust and ends just above your hips. These corsets are designed to contour your breasts and waistline. These corsets should not be worn if you have large breasts.

* Underbust: This corset is made to support your hips and waist. This style is suitable for breasts that are already in good shape.