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Music Therapy For Patients With Dementia

Music therapy has been used by therapists for dementia patients over the years. Many seniors are frustrated by the constant progression of dementia. They find it difficult to cope with simple tasks and memory loss. 

Family members often feel powerless to prevent their loved ones from "slipping away" or experiencing loneliness, depression, and exasperation. The dementia sufferer may then become angry and aggressive as a result. This makes matters worse because they don't understand why they feel frustrated or angry. 

Although family wants to support them, encourage and help them, their loss of memory can cause them to feel fearful, threatened, and distrusting of others. You can also look for therapeutic activities for dementia patients by browsing this site.

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This spiral can last a long time and impact so many people. It can ruin relationships and destroy the happy equilibrium that keeps families happy.

However, therapists discovered that everyone has a "music memory" that functions well, even with a severe illness such as Alzheimer's. 

Seniors with this condition can get a welcome break from their daily grind by listening to music. It taps into this memory and suddenly makes them feel as familiar as the faces they used to know.

Sing along for seniors has been a success in long-term care facilities like nursing homes. Nurses and activity directors have been thrilled to see some dementia patients respond to the songs.

Music therapy for dementia patients has existed for many years. However, it is still being evaluated for its effectiveness in various forms and stages of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.