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Information About The Dingle

A breathtakingly beautiful peninsula in southwest Ireland, Dingle is a site treasured for both its history and its present. Dingle is justly proud of all it has to offer its visitors, from nearly two thousand different archaeological sites to a famous, long-lived bottlenose dolphin, to more hiking opportunities than you could ever hope to fit in.  

Because until very recently Dingle was kept comparatively apart from the influences of modern-day life, it has preserved its original Irish history to a far greater degree than many other locations in Ireland. You can also discover more about the Dingle way in Ireland from the web.

Certain traditions and aspects of heritage, including the Irish language itself, that are less common in the great part of Ireland, are still to be found in Dingle today.

In fact, the language of Dingle is one of the main attractions for many tourists interested in capturing really authentic Irish culture. A great deal of the peninsula is inhabited by people who still speak the Irish language as a normal course of fact. The workplace, home, school, or simply when out with friends– in all of these, the Irish language is still in everyday use and existence. In fact, many people come to Dingle to take advantage of summer programs offered to allow students and adults to improve their grasp of the Irish language, so if you plan to be in Ireland for longer than the usual length of time for a quick vacation, it may be a cultural pursuit worth looking in to.

Of course, Dingle is not only about the language. It also offers guests such attractions as nature walks, bird watching and much, much more; only you can decide where to begin!