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Driving Safely: Why You Should Keep Your Dog in Your Car

The wind blows through your hair as you drive down the freeway with the windows down and turning up. On your next trip with your dog, make sure that you are prepared for the worst while hoping for the best at the same time. You need to protect your furry friend on the road with a seatbelt. 

Dogs in Cars, Getting There Safely - The New York Times

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Dogs Don't Make Good Pilots:- When you focus on the teenage girl in the car next to you who is busy texting her friends instead of paying attention to the road, it's hard to see that you are someone else who is in danger. Even the best trained dogs have fun moments. Your dog should always have a barrier to keep them from jumping into the front seat.

Warning: Objects in flight:- There is something very liberating about seeing a dog breed with its head through a window. Dogs won't wait for cars to slow down, if they see something interesting they will. What if you have to swerve to keep the child out of the way? Your dog can fly out the window without warning.

Worst case scenario:- We all want to believe that we have cat reflexes and that we respond gracefully to any situation. Unfortunately this did not happen. Accidents happen in a fraction of a second, often without the driver even realizing the unavoidable.

You wear a belt but have you prepared your dog for an unpleasant event? If not, then you should be aware of the potential hazards associated with dog and car accidents.