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Choose Waffle Pod Slabs For Construction

Types of home tiles include waffle, conventional brick tiles and under house tiles. Conventional reinforced concrete slabs are the most popular form. It is used in about 90% of households. Concrete waffle Pod is a universal material that is relatively inexpensive. Easily adapts to different terrain conditions. 

Waffle concrete floor slabs are unrivaled as a ground material – strong and stable, resistant to termites and rot and virtually maintenance free. Panels can be designed and shaped for all types of soils. 

Ceiling Slabs Suspended Reinforced Slabs are the ideal solution for floor slabs in sloping or uneven locations. It can be poured on the site with permanent or temporary formwork. 

Supported by the bottom of pillars or walls, it can cover a large area due to its high strength. Waffle concrete slabs can often be used in the renovation, construction, expansion or renovation of an existing home, even if the original building was not.

Waffle Sheets are constructed entirely above ground by pouring concrete onto a lattice of polystyrene blocks known as "mold blanks." Waffle sheets are usually suitable for locations with less reactive soils, use about 30 % less concrete and 20% less steel than hard slab and are generally cheaper and easier to install than other types (even in bad weather).