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Orignal Smokey Glass Filter Tip

Smokers make crutches redundant. Slide your joints into the filter and smoke! Plus, it's fully useable. Glass filter tips give magnificent filtration which means less coughing. Specially designed to reduce cuticles.

Smoking becomes more efficient with regular glass tips because you can easily smoke the entire fork. There will be no burned fingers trying to light the last part of the filter particles.

You can hold your filter rolling tips in place without worrying about wet tips or dirty filters. It is motivated by vintage cigarette containers (but with a modern twist), the glass tips save your mouth from resin and keep unwanted odors away from you.

You can use it to hold your paper to roll it or even wrap it like a punch. You will like it as it is best for smoking. Because these filter tips are made of glass, they are easy to clean and retain a fresh, natural scent when smoking – better than alternatives to wood, metal, plastic, or paper.

Features and characteristics:

1. Height: 1 3/4 ''

2. Width: 1/2 ''

3. Glass filter inner diameter: approx. 7.5 mm (each hand-made and may vary +/- some 0.1 mm)

4. Glass filter outer diameter: approx. 12 mm (each hand-made and may vary +/- some 0.1 mm)

5. Three pincers to catch the ashes

6. Made of thick borosilicate glass

7. Handmade filter tips