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Why You Need Home inspection For New House?

Buying your new home is one of the most exciting events of your life. It gives you an opportunity to live your dream. It is a blank canvas where you can pick out customized countertops, floor coverings, paint colors, lighting fixtures, and just about anything you like.

Before you plan on the home warming party for the family and friends, do overlook the simple fact that your newly constructed house will need a professional home inspection service.

Why you need Professional Home Inspection Services in India ...

Here are the most persuasive reasons why you want a house inspection for a newly constructed dwelling.

  • A New Home does not indicate a Flawless Home
  • A normal home has over 10,000 interdependent parts that have an influence on the function of other pieces.
  • When you consider each the subcontractor such as roofers, electricians, technicians, etc., you will start to comprehend the complexity related to building a new residence.

Below are only a couple of instances of finding from new building reviews:

  • Vents/ducting systems inaccurately routed or connected
  • Improperly wired receptacles might be a potential fire hazard
  • Missing or wrongly installed siding
  • The lack of mandatory flashing in many areas such as chimneys, roofs, etc. that might lead to water penetration to the house
  • Water intrusion beneath the shingles because of elevated roof shingles

If these deficiencies are identified during your new home review, it supplies enough time for your builder to correct/repair these problems before you move in.