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How Does an Immigration Lawyer Work?

An immigration lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in helping people immigrate to and live in the United States. Their job is to help their clients navigate the legal process of immigrating to the United States and becoming citizens. Immigration lawyers can work with their clients throughout the entire process, from filing paperwork to appearing in court. They also may be able to provide advice on staying safe while living in the NZ. and on finding work here.

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An immigration lawyer in New Zealand helps people who are in the United States illegally to get legal status, including getting a visa or citizenship. They can also help someone who is living in the United States legally to stay in the country legally. 

The main types of immigration lawyers are family law lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, and employment attorneys. Depending on the case, an immigration lawyer may also be able to help with applications for political asylum or refugee status. 

Usually, an immigration lawyer will first try to help their client get legal status through a process called “adjustment of status.” This can include getting a visa or green card. If that’s not possible, they might try to get their client deported instead. 

Immigration lawyers usually charge a fee for their services. However, there are some free or low-cost legal assistance programs available for people who need help with immigration issues.