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Creating Life-Like 3D Interior and 3D Exterior Renders

A 3D artist's greatest compliment is when someone sees his creation and realizes that it is not a computer-generated image, but a photo of the real thing.

Although some 3D artists strive for whimsical, whimsical images, photo-realism is still the most sought-after result in the rendering industry.

If you want stunning 3D exterior rendering services for your dream house, follow these tips:

3D Interior and 3D Exterior Renders

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  1. Change your lighting – Lighting is essential to 3D renderings. You can play around with the lighting and try different times of the day. The scene will look more real.

  1. Make reflections – Look at each object in the scene and see which would have reflective surfaces. Water bodies, shiny floors, and metallic surfaces on cars are just a few examples. These reflections will make your rendering appear more realistic.

  1. Cast shadows – Shadows are essential for creating a natural look. You can adjust the lighting to achieve a balance of light and shadow. The final image will look very flat if it is too sunny for a 3D exterior shot or too many lights in a 3D indoor shot. Make it imperfect. – There is no perfect world.

  1. Make it look better – Use 2D Photo-Editing Software to add objects like trees, shrubs, and people into your 3D interior or exterior rendered images.

These simple steps will help you create masterpieces no matter how long it takes.