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The Convenient Wireless Charger Arrives In Your Furniture

Wireless charging is simple and convenient. It doesn't even require adapters or cables. This cutting-edge technology is now available in all areas of life, including cars. Imagine a day when every surface of your home can be used as a charger for your phone.

Invisible wireless charging pad is one product that's innovative and easy to integrate into furniture, such as tables, work desks, and bedsides. Simply place your smartphone near the pad, and the charging will begin immediately. You can buy wireless charger invisible device via

This is the ideal solution for restaurants, hotels, offices, and furniture makers who want to create a wireless charging spot. It keeps the surface neat and clean without adding clutter.

If you are a furniture manufacturer

Manufacturers have the chance to bring your furniture to new heights of efficiency and function by integrating the Qi wireless charging pad.

Simply drill a hole 80mm in the table to install Invisible. The wireless charger can then be installed seamlessly in the furniture. You will receive the furniture ready for your customers to charge.

Invisible wireless devices can be integrated into new furniture as well as existing pieces of furniture,.

You can integrate this technology seamlessly into your hotel rooms or bar tables if you are in the hospitality industry. You can either hire a professional or do it yourself. This project requires only basic tools and no skill.

The tool you need to drill a hole of 80mm in the furniture's surface is provided. Mark the spot where you want to place your wireless charger, and then drill your hole. Simply cover the hole with the Invisible pad. Simply place your smartphone on the surface and your guests will be able to recharge.