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All You Need To Know About New Isuzu Ute V-Cross

There is something special about the new Isuzu V-Cross Ute, which makes you wish to bypass work, and head out to a long driveway much better if the drive takes one to lakeside or some other appropriately idyllic or adventuresome place based on the disposition. However, when you run out of sick days to phone in, you might discover that the new V-Cross works extremely well even at the daily grind. 

Starting in front of the top-end version, there is a brand new chrome grille with extensions that move in the LED projector headlights with LED DRLs in the base, redesigned fog lamp cutouts from the fore with more chrome, and more chrome on the back bumper. You can even get in touch with a qualified finance specialist to get a suitable finance package.

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The new version runs on 18-inch metal wheels with 255/60 sized rubber today, when compared with 16-inches it had earlier. We all know that not many owners maintained that aspect of the V-Cross inventory but we suspect these are a much better starting point when picking rubber. Inside, it is all black, there are more speakers, fresh leather upholstery along with six airbags.

Obviously, there is also the brand new engine and gearbox, which we will get to. All in all, the impact the new makeup has is to create the V-Cross look just somewhat more contemporary. Rocking a number of the biggest measurement figures we have seen, it is still as debilitating as ever. Though, in its own new Sapphire Blue color, the V-Cross looks quite a little more urban. 

Despite the bigger wheels, there is still a great deal of atmosphere to close the gap into the sculpted wheel arches, particularly at the back, but that is a tradeoff of getting that deck using its 235kg carrying capability. It has a four-cylinder 1.9-liter turbocharged diesel engine. It is a brand new generation V-Cross shown globally, with more contemporary interiors.