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Introduction to KYC or Know your customer

KYC processes ensure the legitimacy of customers by verifying their identity for risk assessment. It is considered a major part of customer due diligence processes to prevent fraud and financial crimes.

What is KYC compliance?

KYC compliance is important for financial institutions to ensure the identity of their customers. So when onboarding new customers let’s say for example for bank account opening. KYC checks for customer identification and verification are performed to meet KYC compliance.

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Banks hold the right to refuse customers’ requests for account opening, in case their KYC verification fails or shows negative results. KYC compliance has a significant role in today’s changing financial landscape to combat against the crimes of money laundering and terrorist financing.

As the world is digitizing at a rapid pace, manual KYC checks are making it difficult for financial companies to meet KYC compliance, since manual KYC checks are becoming challenging when it comes to securing customer and business interest through accurate KYC verification.

Therefore. Online KYC verification is taking a turn for the better and for effectively meeting global compliance and regulations. Knowing your customer is considered important because it tells you about the customers you are doing business with