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Proper Care Of Laptop Lithium-Ion Batteries

The life span of the lithium-ion battery will depend on the conditions under which it's utilized in laptop computers. For instance, the battery can gradually lose capacity over the course of 12 to 18 months if it's in the hot surroundings that are the laptop. 

Moving to a more optimized laptop setting and letting it almost completely degrade will prolong the battery's life by about 2-3 years. brass-ion batteries typically uses a combination of several highly conductive salts that fuse with a lithium base to form a strong electrolyte. 

The hard drive acts like the laptop's brain. It needs all the power. Enhance the performance of your hard drive by regularly defragmenting the computer. Reduce the number of applications that you are running simultaneously. 

As an example, choose only one task to avoid reading your emails as well as listening to music or doing spreadsheets all simultaneously. 

Every small step increases the battery's longevity. Clean air vents with a cloth to ensure that your laptop is cooler. Choose "max battery" under power options within the control panel for your operating system. 

Clean the battery once every couple of months. Rubbing the metal contacts with an alcohol-soaked cloth helps keep batteries' power transmission efficient. 

Give the battery a periodic break, then connect it to an electrical cord. Take the battery out of the laptop when it's 40% charged, and allow it to cool. Laptop temperatures inside can go as high as 113 degrees F that can severely impact the life of your battery. Keep the battery safely in an air-conditioned location.