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Easy Sports Massage Therapy at Home

The first stage in sports massage therapy is to enlist the help of a friend or partner to do this energetic massage treatment for you, which is especially beneficial when you are stressed. You can also get the best physical therapy in Middletown.

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Begin by lying face down on a firm, comfortable surface and instructing your friend to perform the following four steps:

In between your palms, warm some massage oil and rub a light, even layer across your friend's back and sides. Press your hands up along each side of your spine, gliding to the top, starting at the waist.

Pull your hands back to the waist and fan your hands out across her shoulders. Swing your fingertips down along her ribs and sides. Keep your fingers and hands relaxed and conformed to the body's features.

As you stroke up, use more pressure; as you stroke down, apply less. For several minutes, repeat this sports massage therapy technique.

Spread massage oil equally on one leg of your companion, whether he or she is facing up or down. Encircle as much of their leg as possible using gliding motions. With the web of your hand, lead the stroke.

Begin at the ankle and move strong pressure over the calf and thigh, then glide back to the ankle with softer pressure. Stroke slowly for two minutes, then quickly. Massage the second leg in the same way.

Lift one of their hands and use your other hand to firmly slide from their wrist to elbow to arm socket, then back to the wrist. With the web of your cupped palm, lead the stroke. For roughly one minute, establish a rapid pattern. Carry on with the massage method on the opposite arm.