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Most Popular Android App Development Tools in 2021

Android applications are growing rapidly. According to statistics, you can find nearly 3 billion apps on the Google Play Store today. And as this number is increasing day by day, it is increasingly important for companies to bring high-quality ROI-driven apps to the market for Android devices. You can explore more details about mobile app development via

With increasing competition in the Android app store, developers today need to pay more attention to every feature and be productive enough to build better quality apps during the Android app development process. And there are many tools available to make the development process easier and faster.

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the newest tools on the market. Want to know what these are? Explore the best tools or app development kits for Android.

Android Studio:

Undoubtedly, Android Studio ranks at the top due to its popularity and high usage in Android application development. This is the official IDE for Android that makes it easy to edit, debug, and test code.

Android Asset Studio:

Android Asset Studio is an excellent set of tools that are easy to use and can generate all kinds of icons needed to design and develop applications.

Canary Channels:

Equipped with memory leak detection power. Once installed, this tool will start automatically and notify you of memory leaks in applications that you have created. There is also a built-in tracking stack that can be used to troubleshoot problems.

Apart from the tools summarized above, there are many other tools that should be mentioned in this list starting in 2021, such as B. Source Tree, Unity 3D, Game Creator: Studio, Block Canary, AVD-Manager, Firebase, Vysor, Android Debug Bridge, and Nimble Droid.

Android app development is booming and these tools make things easier. The choice of tool usually depends on the preferences of the business owner and their business needs.