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Latest Features Of P3 Duct

A Duct board, commonly called P3 is an extremely rigid phenolic insulation board, which is sandwiched between two layers of aluminum foil. Its density is 55kg/cm2.

P3 has been always at the forefront of developing ducts. You can also look for p3 insulation services online by searching the query “p3 insulation near me”.

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Some of the most latest features of P3 Insulation are listed below:

The most hygiene-friendly drain

The first and only self-cleaning antimicrobial air vent (P3 ductal care and solution) to ensure the overall high quality of air.

The Greenest Duct

The only water-expanded (Hydrotec) eco-friendly duct that can be obtained without the use of any gas or with GWP 0, ODP = 0, and only with an EDP declaration (Environmental Product Declaration).

The most cost-effective duct

This is the first pre-insulated duct that has undergone an LCC (Life Cycle Costing) analysis and demonstrated to save energy in a certain and demonstrable way.

The most secure duct 

It is the only pre-insulated duct in the world that has gone through a seismic investigation by computer simulation as well as FEM analysis of existing buildings.

The quietest air duct

This is the only pre-insulated duct in the world that has been subjected to a large-scale experiment in acoustic analysis in conjunction with the University of Padua.

Hope these features will give you a better understanding of why P3 insulation is the leading duct in the industry today.