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Dry Salt Therapy: Natural Treatment For Pneumonia

Today we will talk about pneumonia, a common lung infection that causes inflammation of the air sacs and alveoli. We will look at the most common remedies, as well as natural remedies for pneumonia and the benefits of salt therapy for relieving common symptoms such as dry cough and shortness of breath. Pneumonia is considered a lung infection that can be caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses.

Salt therapy for pneumonia is also very effective in treating the causes and symptoms of pneumonia and is usually used in the hospital when antibiotics prove useless. You can also book an appointment at Lake Norman salt spa for a salt therapy session.

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Salt therapy at home can be easily done through Saltair, a home salt therapy device. Not only can this salt machine be used to treat common symptoms and causes of pneumonia, but it can also serve as a prevention tool in your area for those who are at risk of developing pneumonia. It also promotes a much faster recovery from pneumonia.

The Saltair device releases microscopic salt particles into the room air for long-term respiration. These inhaled salt particles fight the bacteria and/or viruses that cause pneumonia. They help clear phlegm, reduce inflammation, relieve symptoms naturally, and boost your respiratory immune system.

Home Salt Therapy device will cleanse your home or work environment of bothersome irritants, pathogens, or allergens that contribute to the development of pneumonia.