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What Are The Benefits Of Sidewall Belt Conveyor Design

Sidewall conveyor belts have a unique design. There are walls along the belt's sides. Sidewall conveyor belts are similar to regular belts and can be used to transport different types of materials.

The main benefits of sidewall belt conveyor design.

  • There is no falling or sliding– This is the greatest benefit of walls along the sides of your belt. Safety is the most important concern when items are being moved. The items are prevented from sliding, sliding and falling off the walled edge. Some belts are made with square sections that keep the items within the boundaries. These belts are specially designed to reduce spillage.

  • Rubber surface – Sidewall conveyor belts are made of rubber. Rubber provides additional grip for the bottom of materials, products and items placed on the moving conveyor belt.

  • Greater adhesion of belt The rubber upper surface of these belts has an increased adhesion. Manufacturers claim that their belts are 5-6 times more adhesive.

  • Fast Transport – Because there are walls to the sides, it is much easier to distribute materials quickly. It is often a difficult task to transport items within a unit's departments using regular belts that move quickly.

Sidewall conveyor belts are the best way to transport their materials. These innovative innovations can reduce labor costs in a responsible and efficient manner.