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A Guide To Sculpture Your Custom Statues

Sculpting a stone is a very old form of art, dating many years back. Actually, one of the world's oldest stone sculptures made of marble, it was completed in 1504. However this art is still relevant today and has been used to make amazing stone sculptures. Here are some basic techniques used in custom statues (also known as  figuritas personalizadas in the Spanish language) sculpturing. 

Your first step in stone sculpturing is finding the perfect stone. There are so many stones that you can use such as limestone, granite, soapstone and alabaster. The choice of stone will depend on your experience in sculpting and your project size. 

It's important that you have your specific subject in mind, and then need to find the stone that has a roughly similar shape to your intended sculpture. The closer the shape the better since less work and stone will be wasted.

When you have chosen the right stone for your sculpture, your next step is to have your tools get ready for the job. Some of the tools you will use include: masonry rod saw, rasps, files and chisels. When sculpting a stone you use a method known as subtraction. Subtraction is a method whereby you remove all the materials that you don't need.