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The Latest Trends In Sherwani

This blog article discusses the latest trends in sherwanis for weddings, including traditional designs, sherwani collections for weddings, and trendy styles that are trending now. The author looks at the best sherwani designs for wedding and also gives tips on how to wear it for your special day.

The Latest Trends in Sherwani

As the weather starts to cool down and the festive season approaches, Indian men start dressing up in sherwanis. Here are some tips for style and fashion when wearing a sherwani.

-Start with a tailored sherwani. If you don’t have a sherwani tailor on hand, try renting or buying one from an online retailer. A well-fitted sherwani will hug your body contours and give you a more flattering appearance.

-Fit the sherwani around your body instead of trying to wear it like a coat. It’s important to have enough fabric so that it hangs loosely on your body without being too tight or constricting.

-Choose fabrics that compliment your skin tone and body type. For example, if you have lighter skin, choose light fabrics for your sherwani such as cotton or silk. If you have darker skin, choose darker fabrics such as wool or wool blends.

-Avoid patterns that are too busy or flashy. Stick to classic patterns such as stripes, checks, or plaids. These patterns will look more refined and sophisticated than prints or wild geometric designs.

-Layer your sherwani for an added layer of sophistication. Layer it with a cotton Kurti or salwar. Add a scarf for a splash of color, texture, and pattern.

.-Try to wear something underneath your sherwani. It will make your garment look more sophisticated and fuller. If you’re wearing a t-shirt or tank top underneath then also keep in mind that you can wear churidar pajama