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Understanding Windshield Chip Repair

Regular maintenance checks and changing the oil are essential to keeping your vehicle in good condition. To avoid costly repairs down the line, drivers should make sure that their car is checked immediately if it shows signs of trouble. 

Windshield rock chip repair is often questioned by many. It seems absurd to pay fifty dollars for a chip repair that is only a nickel in size. Most people don't realize that windshields are very sensitive to internal stress. Although it may seem impenetrable, when exposed to temperature and road stress, the chip can easily crack.

Functions for your windshield

The windshield's most obvious function is to block wind and other airborne debris. It also provides a clear view of road conditions. This is more important for driving safety. These functions are important in an accident, and they also have safety implications. Two safety features in a car are designed to minimize the impact damage caused by a frontal collision: the SRS Airbag (or seat belts) and the SRS Airbag. 

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The windshield must be properly in place to allow the airbag to fully deploy. The windshield stops the airbag from expanding upwards and redirects inflation towards the driver. The windshield doubles as a safety device in a rollover. It prevents the roof from falling and keeps the passengers' bodies from being exposed outside. Side windows are more vulnerable as loose body parts can dramatically increase the fatality rate.

Your safety is at risk if your windshield is cracked or not installed correctly. The windshield could crack and lose its integrity, eventually causing it to shatter.