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What Makes A Great Teapot?

What makes a perfect Turkish teapot? Well, what do you exactly want in a teapot? To find the perfect tea to consider two main factors: beauty and functionality.

Probably the first thing you consider is the way it looks. However, do not forget to think if this work of art is functional for brewing tea as well. To get more information about Turkish teapots, you may go through

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It may be the most beautiful and intriguing creative tea you've ever seen, but it does not work well to macerate or pour tea. Then it's not a good deal.

Here are some useful tips when buying a Turkish teapot for a great experience of drinking tea:

Spout: It is recommended that the nozzle end is level with the rim of the pot. If it is lower, it would be difficult to achieve the correct angle to pour into the cup.

Handle: The ultimate thing to consider when it comes to the teapot handle is to be able to get a good grip on it. It must be far enough away from the pot body so that you may be able to hold it with a closed hand, without the back of your hand touching the hot pot.

Cover: Your teapot chosen must have a hole in the top to allow air to enter as the tea is poured. It also needs to be well enough that when you cover the hole, you can't pour out the tea as no air can get in.