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Why Do We Need Blister Packaging

When I first saw the phrase, blister packaging I didn't know what it was. I thought it was having blisters on your feet or hands and that the packaging was the band-aid for it. I was wrong and I didn't realize that I probably use or see blister packaging daily. There are many firms like JP packaging that provide the unit dose blister packaging services.

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You know when you are sick and you take medicine? The pills are in this blister packaging. That is in form fill seal packaging. They also come in unit dose packaging so you know how much of the product you need to take whether it be one dose or two.

The blister packaging can be a card that has a pocket per se on the front that holds the product and on the back, it is usually paper board, plastic, or aluminum foil. Something easy for you to open up the package to get the product out. 

This packaging is used a lot for pharmaceutical purposes. The reason they make the blister packaging is so that it lengthens the quality of the shelf life of the product and also so people can't tamper with the packaging. 

When buying anything that comes in a blister card, or blister packs you want to make sure that it hasn't been tampered with and if it has more than likely you will put that product down and pick up a different one for health purposes. If the blister pack is popped you would worry that something has or could get in the product that could be harmful to us.