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Why Do You Choose Legal Automotive Window Tinting

When tinting windows for cars, trucks, and RVs, there are visible light transmission laws that vary from state to state. Visible light transmittance means the amount of light that penetrates through every piece of glass in a vehicle. For example, a piece of clear glass will transmit 100% visible light.

All automotive window dye manufacturers currently offer their products in different transmissions for visible light or VLT, which may also be listed. The automotive window tint special window film is available for fifty percent, thirty-five percent, twenty percent, and five percent. They do not offer different light transmissions from the intended ones. 

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It is important to note that all the automotive window tint is based on 100% clear glass. For example, a 35% visible light transmittance mounted on a factory-supplied automotive glass with a 75% visible light transmittance provides a visible light transmittance of about 26%.

For this reason, it is important to know the tinted glass before installing any window tint. This can be easily checked with a measuring device that slides through the edge of the glass and detects the transmission of visible light. 

Any reputable window paint company will have one of these gauges and I'm sure I'll check your glass for free. If one isn't available in your area and you're having trouble getting a meter, it can be purchased for a retail price of eighty-nine dollars. To check the laws in your country, a color table for windows is available from the International online website.