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Why Installing A New Storm Door?

Many homeowners are searching for ways to increase their homes' efficiency in energy use. An effective way to save energy and improve the efficiency of your home is to replace windows and doors which have been designed to provide the highest insulation. 

This will dramatically lower energy bills. Installing an updated storm door is typically the most affordable and most efficient way to begin to make your home more modern.

Replacing a storm door is simple if you follow the correct steps. Begin by determining the size of your previous storm door, and then the size of your entrance. It is not a good idea to buy a door that's too big or too small for the entryway you want to use. 

storm doors with installation

Make sure you double-check the dimensions of the flange connecting the door to your home. Check both the height as well as the width of your entryway or the width and height of the door that you are replacing.

If you're prepared to put up the fresh storm doors, completely clean the area in which the door is attached to the frame of your home. Get rid of old caulk and other debris to create a clean and smooth surface on which the new door's frame and flange rest. 

Make sure you remove and replace any decaying or decaying wood. You should be sure to paint areas that require some retouching prior to the installation of your brand new storm doors.