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Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation – Use With Caution

Six months prior to this time, the family had a licensed Insulation Contractor blow in additional insulation on top of their existing Builder installed Batting Insulation. 

They wanted to save money on their electric bill and thought this was the right way to go. Even the Power Company got into the act by giving them an incentive award to increase the R Value of the insulation of the home. To get more information about blown in insulation from various online sources.

blown in insulation

Sounds great doesn't it. Well this is only the beginning of a nightmare for this family. We were called in to do an indoor air quality investigation and found out that their old style ceiling had lighting. There were about 20 of these fixtures. 

The problem with the old-style lighting was this: there were four slits on the side of the attic that allowed the heat of the lights to circulate.These slits were 3/8 "X 2" long. This is equal to about 2 "+ holes in the ceiling at each location. 

Multiply this by 20 lights and you get 40" holes in the roof total. Wow, this is a big hole in the roof. These holes prevented the lights from heating up and causing the fire. This is a great concept for fire hazards, but a bad concept for indoor air quality and blow-in insulation.