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The Uwell Caliburn Pod Review

The Uwell Caliburn has a very simple design. This device is not characterized by its simplicity, but its appearance and simple operation are its biggest advantages. The battery compartment has a button on the front, along with a small LED indicating battery life. You can also buy the best Uwell Caliburn pods through various online sources.

The battery has a power button and vapers can choose between activating traction or manual ignition when they vape. The covering of the device is made of aluminum alloy with plastic components in the pod.

The cell can also provide a maximum of 11 W and the coil can operate up to 1.4 ohms. The Caliburn Pod is magnetically connected to the battery compartment, and there's a micro-USB port on top for fast charging.

Operation and Performance

Charging the battery will be the first thing you will need to do, and even this simple task is not the easiest, which adds to the device’s sincere usability. It usually takes 45 minutes to fully charge the device. Once the battery is charged, charging the pod is another avenue in the park.

The charging ports make the filling process simple, much easier than another pod with small or custom charging ports that can cause spills and overall confusion.

Fill and install the cartridges then press the center start button five times to activate the battery. It is assumed that the battery will switch to manual download when it detects that the automatic download feature has stopped, but it is not clear whether you can choose between automatic or manual operation. As soon as you turn on the battery, you can start vaping.